Please request your boarding reservation then complete this form for EACH PET on EACH VISIT.

Please note that completion of these forms does not guarantee a boarding reservation. Reservations must be requested and confirmed separately. Submission of your Boarding Check-In form signifies your authorization of your directives.
  • Number where I can be reached during these boarding dates

  • Emergency Contact Phone

  • This contact will become the authorized agent to make decisions for your pet if you cannot be reached. You are responsible for all financial decisions made by your agent on behalf of your pet.
  • Our house diet for dogs and cats is Hill’s Sensitive Stomach dry kibble, morning and evening, with fresh water throughout the day. If you prefer a different diet, you may bring it from home and we will substitute at no additional charge.
  • Medications or Supplements

    Provide complete instructions. There is no charge for administering medications.
    By selecting a Medical Service, you are authorizing a veterinary examination at your expense. Subsequent treatment and/or diagnostics will only be done at your direction. Please make sure you have given us a good contact number. Payment for boarding/medical services is due at boarding pickup. If you have scheduled an after-hours pickup, payment for all boarding and medical service charges must be made in advance.
    By selecting a grooming service you are authorizing the service at your expense. Please ask us for prices.
  • A complimentary “freshen up” bath is given to boarding pets after 3 nights. Alternately, you may request a paid bath done with a specially formulated shampoo, more tub-time washing, 15 minutes of brushing.
  • Personal Belongings

  • Every effort will be made to return your belongings in the condition you left them, but no guarantee can be made against loss or damage. We request that you not leave bedding with your pet. Clean, soft bedding is provided daily.
  • Occasionally, pets will experience an illness, or a condition will be aggravated during a boarding stay. If your pet becomes ill while staying at our facilities, please choose ONE of the following options. Note: APAH will attempt life-saving resuscitation on any pet in our care unless you have expressly signed a Do Not Resuscitate order.
  • Consent to Board

    I do give my consent to board my pet at All Pets Animal Hospital. I have read and understand the guidelines in the APAH Boarding brochure and agree to the policies set forth. I understand that APAH will make every effort to follow the directives given here but may, for the safety of my pet, other boarding pets, or APAH employees, deviate from my instructions at their discretion.