Mission Statement
As a business dedicated to God, All Pets Animal Hospital seeks to serve people by providing superior medical care for their pets. We strive for excellence, operate with integrity, and compassionately treat pets as beloved family members.

Our Practice is built on the beliefs…
that this is God’s business and we are the stewards.
that pets are part of God’s creation and deserve compassionate care.
that our relationships are guided by the Golden Rule.
that clients have the right to make decisions on behalf of their pets.
that people make better decisions when they are informed.
that we have the responsibility to provide superior veterinary care.

Because we value…
People: we treat them with respect and courtesy.
Pets: we care for their physical needs and their comfort.
Quality Medicine: we practice progressive medical care.
Compassion: we empathize with and care for pets and people.
Integrity: we employ the Golden Rule, “Do to others what you would have them do to you.”
Honesty: we are truthful in our words and actions.
Grace: we show compassion when people may not be their best.
Servanthood: we look for ways to care for the concerns of others.
Teamwork: we assist each other and recognize that we can accomplish more working together.
Accountability: we are clear about expectations; give people freedom to make decisions and accept the consequences.
Learning: we seek opportunities to learn together in order to educate our clients so our patients benefit and the practice succeeds.
Communication: we seek to be clear and understandable.
Doing our best: we strive for excellence in patient care, client care, and business management.

The principles which guide our workplace are…
Sick and injured pets need us the most. We are here to serve them in their time of need.
Our patients benefit more from preventive medicine than reactive care.
Always offer what’s best for the pet.
Services come with a price. Develop treatment plans within our clients’ means; agree on payment terms in advance.
Continually look for opportunities to educate yourself, our clients, and each other.
Compassion can be fatiguing. Take care of yourself so you can take care of those who need us.
When faced with uncertainty, do what’s right.