Puppy Training and Socialization Classes

Positive reinforcement training and behavior solutions for puppies with Deborah Grodecka, CPDT, CDBC. Deborah one of only a handful of pet behavior specialists in the state of Arkansas and an absolutely wonderful teacher. Puppy classes are held on 6 consecutive Sunday afternoons in our lobby. Each class is one hour  long and allows time for learning and socialization. Deborah provides handouts and homework each week.

Your puppy will learn a variety of behavioral concepts and commands: social skills, house training, bite inhibition, home-alone training, comfort to body handling, food/bone aggression prevention, sit, down, stand, stay, leave it, drop it, settle/relax, respond to name, collar desensitization, no jumping up, say “please”, come when called, walk nicely on a leash, game rules of “fetch” and “tug-of-war”.

Puppies who are between 8-20 weeks old at the time classes begin are eligible to enroll. Puppies are placed according to age and size to produce the best results.

Class fee is $150 for six weeks and is payable in advance. Classes are scheduled to avoid holidays. There are no refunds or make-up classes if you are absent, but if the instructor must miss a scheduled class, a make-up class will be scheduled. All puppies enrolled must provide proof of distemper and bordetella vaccinations and a fecal examination and deworming, if necessary.

For more information, to check the start date for the next class, or to enroll, please call our office: 273-9299.

“Every dog can become a well-mannered, cooperative and true member of the family when we take the time to teach him with understanding and create an environment for him to succeed.”

Deborah Grodecka, CPDT, CDBC

Professional certifications:
Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers #2020352
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants #392