Senior Wellness Testing

Our Senior Wellness Profile is a comprehensive group of tests which includes:

  • Comprehensive Physical Examination – checking general appearance, temperature, weight, respiration, ears, skin, etc.
  • Blood Pressure Evaluation – detects hypertension
  • Urinalysis – checking kidney function and evidence of infection
  • Thyroid (T-4) Test – thyroid problems are the #1 hormonal abnormality diagnosed in dogs and cats
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) – to help diagnose cancer, infection, anemia, and evaluate immune system
  • Intraocular Pressure Test – tests for glaucoma
  • Electrocardiogram – detects heart arrhythmias, changes in heart size, or other heart problems

We so strongly believe that the information we receive from a Senior Wellness Profile can help us increase the length and quality of your pet’s life, that when your pet receives the entire profile, we discount the price by 15%.